Friday, March 21, 2014

Street Style

Moschino Street Style 2014

Moschino Street Style 2014 by sofiaputina

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These are some cool street style pictures that are really what street style is to me. This is somewhat odd but for some people fashion has to be odd for it to work for them. My favorite piece in this Street Style collage is by far the purse because it stands out on it's own. With any outfit these purse would stand out because it's so weird and that's what makes it fashion. Also something that the was really funny was that the purse probably reminds all of us of how it kind of looks like Mcdonalds. Im sorry if I spelled that wrong I rarely eat there!!! But yes the purse reminds me of Mcdonalds which makes it a funny comical purse. 

PFW Street Style

PFW Street Style by elske88 

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This is probably something that I would see at a Fashion Week Event for Fashion Bloggers across the world. This is something that seems to be the norm of Street Style these days. Street Style to me is my favorite type of style because you can style yourself as you want. You don't need to match, you just need to very simple but yet it has a lot of deep meaning behind it. Like in this picture this girl is wearing jeans which is simple with a jacket. But her purse and her glasses show she knows a thing or two about styling. 

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