Thursday, March 20, 2014

Shorts For The Spring

Summer on the Riviera

Summer on the Riviera by noelleinashell

Shirt- Sold Out
Jacket- Sold Out
Shorts- Click Here
Shoes- Sold Out
Purse- Sold Out

Here is a very interesting collage that shows some Spring Fling Ideas. Most of the items in this collage are sold out which shows that these are very popular items. If your still interested the shorts are still available which i'm surprised because they are my favorite piece in this collection. Maybe I should get them for myself. The shorts are somewhat pricey at $216 but they are so different they will make you the talk of the room. So since we are on the topic of shorts and spring is coming up I will show you some shorts that will really bring the spring out in you.

Here are some shorts that I found that could really rock somebody's opening spring week. For spring you don't need to wear shorts but I would because if you live in a place that has very cold winters like I do(Wisconsin). I would totally go all out for Spring since in Wisconsin most of the year its very cold so your wearing jackets, and long pants which can be fashionable but shorts to me are a lot more fun. 
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Also im getting a camera that can take high fashioned photos so guys be posted on some high fashion photos of me and my friends in outfits that are cool.


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