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Heels by youmustwearthis on

Something that the Spring will bring our girls in their heels. There are some heels in this collection that are sold out and those are the ones with no link so I'm sorry that these sold out before you could even consider buying them lol! But there are so many other heels in the world I'm sure you will be able to find a pair of Heels that will match your personality and style. These Heels are ones that are simple and can be worn with just about anything. When you buy a pair of Heels you want to be able to use them for more than just one occasion. You want to be able to use them with just about anything because just buying a pair of heels just for one use is such a waste of money.

Have Fun With These Heels

Lupita At The Oscars

Lupita Nyong’o In Prada Oscars 2014
Oscars 2014
Oscars 2014 (clipped to

Purse- Click Here
Shoes- Click Here

Lupita was probably one of the best dressed with her silk dress by Prada. I expect nothing less from Prada. Although the main focus of the picture is the dress I found a Purse and a pair of shoes that would look perfect with that dress. If you are interested please don't hesitate to click the links. Also this is my first Celebrity Post this is super exciting.

Spring Beauty

Spring Beauty Countdown IV

This is a great photo of some makeup that you guys may wear for the upcoming spring if you live a place where spring is coming. When I think of Spring I usually think of the makeup to be light and refreshing and that is what it's exactly in the photo here. The face is light and refreshing and that is what spring is all about. Don't wear too much makeup on a regular basis because you will just not look like yourself and you want to be remembered to be fresh and free. I just got back to School today and it's actually really warm outside and I can't believe it. Im excited for summer to start.

Avocado beauty

Because Spring is basically here and Summer is just around the corner I want to offer you guys some products that will protect your skin from the Sun and keep your skin healthy. These products can also stop the Acne growing on your skin if you have problems with Acne. I never really had that much of a problem with Acne because I usually wash my face with water and soap at least 3 times a day. If you have Acne problems you should probably try my method first and then if it doesn't help you should go to the Dermatologist. Unless you don't want to go to the Dermatologist definitely check out these products because Avocados do a lot to your skin and they are such a benefit to have.
Avocados Prevent Wrinkles From Forming On Your Skin
Avocados Improve Your Skin Tone
Avocados Reduce Skin Redness and Irritation
Avocados Hydrate Skin and Hair

They are a lot of benefits to Avocados so you must as well use them.

Street Style

Moschino Street Style 2014

Moschino Street Style 2014 by sofiaputina

Jacket- Click Here
Shirt-Click Here
Sunglasses-Click Here
Pants-Click Here
Purse-Click Here
Gloves-Click Here
These are some cool street style pictures that are really what street style is to me. This is somewhat odd but for some people fashion has to be odd for it to work for them. My favorite piece in this Street Style collage is by far the purse because it stands out on it's own. With any outfit these purse would stand out because it's so weird and that's what makes it fashion. Also something that the was really funny was that the purse probably reminds all of us of how it kind of looks like Mcdonalds. Im sorry if I spelled that wrong I rarely eat there!!! But yes the purse reminds me of Mcdonalds which makes it a funny comical purse. 

PFW Street Style

PFW Street Style by elske88 

Jacket- Sold Out
Grey Boots- Click Here
Shades- Click Here
Jeans- Sold Out
Shirt-Click Here
Blue Handbag-Click Here

This is probably something that I would see at a Fashion Week Event for Fashion Bloggers across the world. This is something that seems to be the norm of Street Style these days. Street Style to me is my favorite type of style because you can style yourself as you want. You don't need to match, you just need to very simple but yet it has a lot of deep meaning behind it. Like in this picture this girl is wearing jeans which is simple with a jacket. But her purse and her glasses show she knows a thing or two about styling. 

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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Shorts For The Spring

Summer on the Riviera

Summer on the Riviera by noelleinashell

Shirt- Sold Out
Jacket- Sold Out
Shorts- Click Here
Shoes- Sold Out
Purse- Sold Out

Here is a very interesting collage that shows some Spring Fling Ideas. Most of the items in this collage are sold out which shows that these are very popular items. If your still interested the shorts are still available which i'm surprised because they are my favorite piece in this collection. Maybe I should get them for myself. The shorts are somewhat pricey at $216 but they are so different they will make you the talk of the room. So since we are on the topic of shorts and spring is coming up I will show you some shorts that will really bring the spring out in you.

Here are some shorts that I found that could really rock somebody's opening spring week. For spring you don't need to wear shorts but I would because if you live in a place that has very cold winters like I do(Wisconsin). I would totally go all out for Spring since in Wisconsin most of the year its very cold so your wearing jackets, and long pants which can be fashionable but shorts to me are a lot more fun. 
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